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Thanks a lot for all your replies!!

@Mike and @1llusI0n:
Well, we´ve had the worn parquet pieces, wooden bars, tools and some decoration material laying around in the cellar. I guess, we´ve paid about 150€ for paint, the flexible carpet rails (our guard rails) and 60+ trees from eBay so far. We´ll have to buy more trees as well as paint for the remaining 12 elements.

We started building the track in late October. We worked about 2-3 evenings a week on it (including lots of time driving on the track, of course!!! ). I think, both of us spent about 100 hours of work on it, but it´s been a lot of fun and worth every second!!

How many different configurations? Countless! Really. We´ve played on more than 20 different tracks already and the number of possibilities grows with each new element. I could post some pictures of earlier tracks (not decorated or not even painted), if you´re intrested. We took more than 130 pictures of the track since October.

The guard rail is made of a highly flexible plastic rail (with a rubber-like surface), which is originally used to cover the border between a carpet and a wallpaper.

Greetings from Germany!
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