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Thanks for the positive responses!!

Initial T. and I used old and worn parquet floor pieces for our track. Fortunately all pieces line up extremely well and the floor is very even. The cars don´t bounce at all when crossing the connections.

We used plain dark gray acryllic paint for the road (white pinstripes), light gray paint for the wooden guard rail posts and three different shades of green paint for the surroundings.

The guard rail is made of a highly flexible plastic rail (with a rubber-like surface), which is originally used to cover the border between a carpet and a wallpaper.

The guard rail posts are cut from a wooden bar, painted and then attached to the floor pieces with a hot adhesive pistol. The posts stick extremely well to the wood this way.

The lanes are 20 cm wide (about 8 inches).

Well, if you´ve got further questions, feel free to ask. Initial T. and I will try our best to answer them (hopefully in an understandable english... ).
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