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Exclamation Pictures of our fully MODULAR track! - The STORM Forrest

Here are two versions of our fully modular BitChar-G racetrack:

Fully modular track concept consisting of:
- 28 elements (each 50x50cm) result in more than 15m (!) track-length
- 7 different radii of curves allow the most different combination of curves
- completely variing trackvariants (i.e. Highspeed-tracks, wild combination of curves) require an adjusted car setup
- track elements can be altered in height / elevation individually (uphill & downhill)
- different detailed scenes (hills, lake, forrest...)
- insertable narrowings
- road width 20cm

At the moment 16 elements are completely fininshed, 12 more elements as well as blank elements without roads are already under constuction. Furthermore there will be a few technical goodies soon - i.e. integration of a Palm Pilot

You can find more pictures of our track on our website - http://www

Greetings from Germany!
Doctor Drift & Initial T.
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